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Like Father Like Son was Proven in Heart Related Disease

Faith, Gen X, Health, Life Stories

From 10:20- 10:40 in Drew’s video interview, Drew shares about reexamining his life on a personal level after seeing only a nurse and the good Lord in the room at 3am due to his heart attack!

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  1. William Miller

    Thanks for sharing Drew. My heart attack came at age 53 working late by myself. God’s word to me the next day was “do you trust me”, in a loving question. I knew I had taken too much stress on and not cast all my cares on Him. For more see our ministry at http://www.redeemingday.com. I also have a free eBook at http://www.measurement-assurance.com.
    My oldest also played for the NFL but his career was cut short due to concussions and my daughter passed in her sleep at 28 yrs old. Without God and His miracles my life would be a mess. Contact me if you want to hear the good news


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