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Journey Of Faith

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Jail should have resulted and my Life became Lost

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After many tough as well as emotional conversations each time we spoke, Dr. Sharlene told me,
“This is hard to share, but I want my story to be told.”

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  1. Staci Diffendaffer

    This was such a moving story. It’s amazing to see how God transformed your heart and your life. I love how you said that we can stop the cycle of the negative things we’re taught. This is absolutely true and necessary. Thank you for having the courage to tell this difficult, yet inspirational story

    • Dr Sharlene Mullings

      Staci Diffendaffer, you are very welcome! Thank you for taking the time out to read my truth

  2. Jean Rogers

    Sharlene… God Bless you for sharing your life story. It was a difficult journey for you starting as a precious and innocent little girl. Sad for me to read about how your troubled life began with no fault of your own and Ultimately leading you to years of unrest and troubles.
    BUT with GOD!!!!!
    He came into your life when you cried out to Him with all your heart. ❤️ He heard your prayer.
    I am so proud of you my friend to hear your testimony and how you overcame.
    You will be an inspiration to many as you share with honesty and transparency.
    You have broken the chain. This is an example of the goodness of God.
    His name is Jesus

    • Dr Sharlene Mullings

      Hi Mrs Jean, Thank you so much and absolutely because of God’s grace I was able to share my story my true with transparency and honesty thank you again !

  3. Anonymous

    I received this email and wanted to make sure it was captured and so I’m sharing it with you Dr. Sharlene. It is from a friend of mine. “Gary, stories are touching and inspiring. Thank you, I loved Sharlene’s story! Thank you again.”


    • Dr Sharlene Mullings

      Hi Linda, I am so grateful to God that you were inspired by the story. All I can say is to God be the glory and thank you so much!

  4. Carol Duncan

    Such a blessing for me to read this . You have such strength and I know God is looking down upon you and saying well done my child.

  5. Wendy Wallace

    What an incredible story! You’ve been through so much. But you allowed God to pull you out. So many just don’t want God. They don’t want help. But you knew that you needed Him. You trusted Him and now you’re a powerful example with a powerful testimonial for others. Thank you Dr. Sharlene, for sharing.

  6. Gary Rogers

    Dr. Sharlene. It was great getting to know you. I feel pretty close to you, maybe because we had some great zooms, but also because I just felt connected. I’m so thankful for the time you took to share your story with me. You were so humble and transparent and I appreciate that so much. I look forward to staying in contact and just know you can reach out if there’s anything you may need. Thanks, Gary

  7. Jodi LaBelle

    When God set his children free, he does it his way, his timing, his era. I’m a big reader, but I love to pass these special words to a very intelligent woman. You did not purchase your time allotment which you now hold as a possession. It was given to you. You did not negotiate for your physical characteristics. You inherited them. You did not bargain on the open market for your basic intellectual capacities. You received them as a gift. You did not ardently go to battle and finally win the power to choose. The powers was given to you. Even the environment in which you move and move and perform your trading activities came to you as part of your inheritance. It is extremely important to recognize that everything you now posses was received directly as a gift . ( Talents,) The apostle Paul posed a penetrating question to his friends In Corinth: “ What do you have that God hasn’t given you.” Please read Matthews 18 :6 This will release the power of child abuse that lies domain in your spirit. Blessings Jodi


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