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A Child’s Desire to “do for others” is New

Baby Boomers, Business, Life Stories, Sports

This story is about Doctor Shinitzky, a sports psychologist, reflecting on life as a young 13 old kid who made the decision to help others after seeing a group of children at the HARC Center.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Dr. Shinitzky, since I met you, you’ve always been such a positive person. I love that! It’s amazing that when you were 13 you made the decision to help others and it’s evident in what I’ve seen by your actions. I asked you what I could do for you and you told me that you wanted me to work out and get back into shape! That’s odd! Normally, people will say you can do this or that for me, but you thought about me! That’s amazing and not too many people would have a response like that. That’s proof enough for others who are interested in learning more about you and all the things you are able to do for individuals, groups or businesses. Thanks again for sharing.


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