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My Amazing brother the Doctor Proven to be a Legacy


In Andy’s nomination, his younger brother Lee shares about the role model Andy has been over the years.


  1. Gary Rogers

    Andy, I love that you’ve been such a great role model to your brother. I can see how good of one you were, especially as I’ve gotten to know Lee over the years playing soccer when we were young, or being in the same class at Indian Hill. Lee is a great guy that obviously learned so much from you. I’m proud to have you in our community and love that you continue to serve in the medical field with helping others. Thanks for who you are! Gary Rogers ’89

  2. Lee Tucker

    I should have also said that my brother is a great athlete and humble. In high school he got to the final 4 in the Tennis Singles Individual State Championships. He was all city all 4 years in high school and one of the greatest athletes at Indian Hill. He also defeated the best tennis players around the State who were solely tennis players and played USTA junior tournaments all year round. Greg Seilkop who is also an outstanding athlete and one of the best tennis players I ever watched play, will remember one of the longest matches played in high school where my brother won miraculously in the third set. It was an incredible match. Andy also played varsity basketball in high school which was likely his favorite sport and did not have the time to solely focus on tennis. Regardless, he went on to play tennis as a walk on, really on a Division I team at Dartmouth College where he became All-Ivy League and Captain of the Dartmouth College Men’s Tennis Team. Most of all, Andy would never share this because he’s humble.

  3. Fred Krase

    Andy is another one of the nice guy Tuckers that beat me in tennis. I usually tried to find something about an opponent that I disliked to inspire better play in myself. Andy and Lee were such gentlemen on the court,and I blame that on my losses to them. If they only would of been a bit jerky on the court. Lol. Not surprising both are successful in life.

  4. Chuck Kinyon

    Andy was always a great team player and great competitor during his years at Dartmouth! Loved having him on the team and the equipment manager really loved him since he brought her flowers.
    I am not a bit surprised that he is a terrific Doctor. Please stay safe Andy.

  5. Diane Macke

    White tennis shorts briskly walking past the pool to the courts with a basket full of tennis balls and a non stop smile. Dr. Andy Tucker was my tennis coach at Kenwood swim club. I can not remember a moment spent with him when he did not have a big, happy smile. Learning tennis can be super frustrating and he helped to make it fun. So, yeah, it was kinda cool that this homecoming king and well known, groovy dude was my tennis coach. I was good with that.

  6. Anne Richards McFall

    A great guy from a great family!! Lots of fun memories hanging with your family! Definitely one of the nicest guys to walk the halls of IHHS and so sweet how he watched out for you and encouraged you. No big surprise that “all the nurses love him!” A class act for sure

  7. Molly midgley

    I went to high school and graduated in 1988 with Lee, who was my best friend. I was always in awe of how Andy would meet Lee everyday at lunch at eat with him. Andy was 2 years older, but he always made sure he ate lunch with Lee. I thought that was awesome. I also watched them play tennis together often. Andy always looked out for Lee. He was an amazing role model to everyone. Cheers to you Andy for all you have accomplished in your life. Your patients are very lucky to have you as their doctor and everyone who knows you is lucky. God bless you Andy, Lee & the Tucker family.

  8. Sharon Walsh-Molinaro

    Wonderful tribute -true brotherly ❤️

  9. Vijay Sud

    Andy Tucker – great athlete, student and person. In fact, that’s what I remember about all the Tucker boys.

  10. Lisa Savage

    This is so sweet! Love you both!! Great duo!!

  11. Robin Bransom

    Such a great tribute! To both Andy and Lee, you both are such great brothers and I enjoyed spending time with your entire family. I always think of the Tucker boys as great athletes, especially tennis!
    Congrats to Andy for all your accomplishments and best wishes to you, Lee and the entire Tucker family.

  12. Tiffany Meyer Luong

    I also went to high school with both Lee and Andy. I graduated with Lee, a good friend of mine, in 1988. Andy was a wonderful big brother to Lee. Andy was also a wonderful role model for all of us younger folks. In fact, Andy and Lee are the reason I went to Dartmouth. Thank you so much for your great influence on me in high school. In addition, thank you, Andy, for looking out for me during my first two years at Dartmouth. By the way, I also loved that your father, Dr. Tucker, was my eye doctor. Thank you and God Bless the Tucker family.


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