Denis Beausejour
Examined His game of Life

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A Story of Achievement with the Beautiful Understanding of Faith

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Learn more about why an ex VP of advertising at Procter & Gamble finally decided to examine his “game of life” and make changes! All it took was being 1.5 miles from the epicenter of the 1995 Hanshin earthquake in Kobe, Japan. What would need to happen in your life to trust in God like Denis finally did?


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My Story


After a near-death experience in Japan’s Great Hanshin Earthquake, I began a search for the meaning of life and my true purpose. I had everything except a spiritual life, and I was empty inside. I started searching and eventually discovered The Biggest Idea Ever. That humbled me and brought great focus to my true purpose. I learned to move from anxiety, fear, and burnout into a life of peace, purpose, and significance.



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