David Guzik
Journey Of A Pastor

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The Church Experience was a 0/10 but then Amazing Happened

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In David’s story, after accepting the Lord at 13, we learn how he used his “gifts and talents” in order to do something much bigger than he ever thought by encouraging millions of poeple.


  1. Gary Rogers

    Pastor Guzik, I know you’ve been inspired by God to challenge, teach and encourage others. Tami and I both visit your website frequently to learn more about the Bible through your website EnduringWord.com. There we are able to understand more clearly almost any area in the Bible that might be difficult to understand. It’s obvious that you are using your gifts and talents to encourage others like us and I’ll be sure to work hard at using my gifts and talents too! Thank-you again for sharing your story and continuing to encourage others.

  2. Charles l green

    To god be the glory
    That his words can continue to inspire with understanding

  3. Paul Ybarra

    Such a great pleasure to see your story here! I have had the pleasure in the last few months to dig into your commentary online. I do a live stream every weekday morning and love sharing your nuggets. Thank you for following Gods leading!

  4. Blake Southerland

    It is really neat to hear about the part you’ve played in God’s story, thank you for sharing! I’m looking forward to using your commentary. Thank you for your advice as well, if we can do those things, we’d be doing pretty good by His grace.

  5. Jeffrey Nolan

    Dearest Pastor Guzik,my only wish is that I had found your ministry decades ago. Raised RC also, I didn’t hear the Gospel. Also love Germany, as I was stationed in Baden Wittenberg 3 yrs in the military 77′-80′. You have an astounding gift from God. Just found your teaching and love it already. All God’s Blessings , Jeff.


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