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Dave DesRochers

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Professional Football to Park Bench led to New Faith

Addiction, Faith, Gen X, Identity, Life Stories, Sexual abuse, Sports, Wrong Path/Party Scene

From the NFL to sleeping on a park bench! This story is one that encourages all of us that it’s never too late for God to bring us through our storm(s).


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  1. Jean Rogers

    David your story is inspirational and shows God’s remarkable love and grace. It’s a wonderful story of how God helps us to finish well. His faithfulness is a gift as we yield to Him. Blessings to you! *

  2. Gary Rogers

    Dave, thanks so much for sharing your story. It was nice getting to know you better and looking forward to supporting you and your ventures. So far, it looks like you are doing great and very involved with the NFLPA, Golf Outings etc. Keep it up brother!


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