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As is Any Passion Big Results takes Time

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Dan shares about the concept of Time as in putting in the hours into your sport!

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Thanks Dan for sharing a bit about your story. After reading your tennis resume, I realized just how good a player you were! You’ve been nominated by the HOF in both your high-school and college teams as well as many other honors I didn’t mention. It sounds as if your Check Your Game moment was realized in college even though it was forced on you; spending more time in tennis. Even though you can’t go back to age 12 make those changes, I know you’ll be an encouragement to others. I’m thankful for your transparency to encourage others to not make some of the mistakes you made or areas you could’ve done better in. And lastly, I appreciate your advice to kids about getting into shape! That is great advice no matter what the sport. It’s easy to talk about and another thing to do, but it’s a necessity, even if you’re an amazing athlete. Thanks again Dan for your story. I appreciate it.


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