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Courtney Fraser’s Story Began in a Beautiful Park

Anxiety, Depression, Faith, Gen Y, Health, Life Stories

Just before Courtney’s 4th birthday, she went hiking in the park with her parents when all of a sudden, a dead tree fell on her.


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  1. Jodi La Belle

    Hello Courtney, So close to death, and you was knocking on death’s. But nope , you are still here, why because God is still molding you. Be strong, push out the negatives, surround yourself with God’s word, for he has a purpose for you.

  2. Jean Rogers

    Thank you Courtney for sharing your life story. You have encouraged me to never give up because our God is alive and there for us no matter what. You will be a blessing to many others as you live your life with faith. God has a wonderful plan for your life. Keep your eyes on Jesus and stay in His Word. You have value and much to give others.


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