Coach Gary Shephard
Journey Of Never Quit

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It was Competitive and I Never Gave Up my Dream

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In this story, find out what Coach Shephard did to achieve his life long dream of being a College Football Coach.


  1. Gary Rogers

    Coach Shephard, thanks for your time in giving back to kids who love to play sports. That is most important. Even though you do get paid (not much in High-School), you spend so much time away from family. I’ve seen it when you were a part of coaching one of my teams in College. I also love that you had a goal to coach in College and did whatever you could to make that happen. I think that is a huge lesson whether you’re trying to be a coach, player or trying to get a job in a certain field. Doing what everyone else does just makes you average. Doing things above and beyond, puts you higher on the list. Writing to coaches and doing things on the field that were different (but worked) were important for you to get to do your dream job. I think others who aspire to do anything their heart is set on can learn from you to not give up, be different and don’t let others tell you NO! Thanks again for taking your time to share your story so others can be encouraged.


    Coach Sheppie was the best coach I ever had. He would let you hear it if you fouled up…but he would also let you hear it if you did something well. I loved his consistency, his heart, his sense of humor and his care for his players. TRULY A GREAT COACH…loved being one of his players. Thanks coach!


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