Clayton Hicks
Journey Of Work & Faith

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It was an Amazing Time Squaring up to God

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In Clayton’s story, he shares both by video (12/20) and written story (2019) about how his faith in God was the solution, as he navigated through the many obstacles of life, especially in the video where he shares about Covid.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Clayton, wow! What a moment in time when everything seemed to be crashing down on you in a hurry. Your family was slowly breaking apart, your work was breaking apart and money wasn’t just for pleasure, but was needed for food, shelter and survival! It almost sounds as if you were hitting a rock bottom moment during this time of life. It’s during these times when you can either lay down and quit altogether or fight back. You fought back! You examined the situation of your life, saw what you needed to do and took action and made it happen and that’s what Check Your Game is all about. I’m so glad you fought back so that your story can give others hope that they too can overcome like you did. And lastly, it’s exciting to hear about your faith you had with God and how He would help direct you in life. I’m glad that I’ve gotten to know you while in Cincinnati as well as had the opportunity to visit one of your networking groups. It was really neat being there and I know you’ll continue to impact the lives of others. Gary Rogers

  2. Simran


    What a beautiful story! I’m so happy that your life turned around for the better! Winston Churchill once said “If you’re going through hell, KEEP GOING” and indeed YOU did. Yes, God was there by your side but it was only YOU who turned it around! You never gave up, you kept going and you made it happen! What an inspiration! You make me want to start my own house flipping business Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring me to keep going and to never be afraid to TAKE RISKS!!!

    Well done!

  3. Kate Decker


    Thank you for sharing your story! Remarkable and inspiring! True testament to how faith, ingenuity and reaching out to others can help lift us out of insurmountable circumstances and lead to a better life. Congratulations on your success and faith in God. Wishing you the best of everything. God bless

  4. Nay Dismore

    Clayton, I so admire you and Angel’s tenacity and determination through so much change and difficulty! Thank you for not giving up and for caring about all of us!


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