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The Wrong Direction again Was Not New for Me

Faith, Gen X, Life Stories, Sexual abuse

Nominated by Dr. Katrina Esau, we’re excited that Chavon has shared her story of transformation.
Don’t miss out on how God took her from the wrong direction to the right direction, beginning with her as a baby in her mother’s womb.


  1. Staci Diffendaffer

    What a powerful testimony of God’s transforming love! It’s so inspiring to read how you went from not feeling like you could be yourself to seeing your photos- where you exude abundance. Thank you for your strength and bravery in sharing this encouraging message!

  2. Charline Owies

    This is such a timely testimony and powerful to inspire people of which I am one. Thank you for sharing your pain and your testimony of transformation.

  3. Gary Rogers

    Chavon, I’m so encouraged by your story and hearing how passionate you are in helping other women today. I loved learning about the different zones: 1-Incompetent 2-Competent 3-Excellent and 4-Genius. I loved your breakdown of all 4 and can’t wait to encourage other women to meet you. Thanks for your story and I’m looking forward to learning more about you as well as encouraging others to connect with you. Thanks, Gary Rogers


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