Cathy Parker
Journey Of Faith

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A New Story in Alaska would Arise through her Humility

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Cathy’s story is about a moment during the writing of her book manuscript that brought her to tears.
She knew humilty and transparency were necessary in order to encourage others.


  1. Jean Rogers

    Thank you Cathy for sharing your story. You are an inspiration to many people already. I applaud you for becoming very open and transparent in your life journey.
    Also, I loved what you had to say on Gary’s Checkyourgame site. It has peaked my interest to want to read your book.
    From Gary’s opinion; I understand your book is quite amazing and a great read.
    May God bless you for what’s next. .
    Jean Rogers

  2. Darci J. Steiner

    Hi Cathy,
    Congrats on your book and movie deal! That is big! Vulnerability is scary but helps other people know they aren’t alone. That was a courageous move, and with the support of your husband, a game changer. Thanks for sharing your story! Darci

  3. Gary Rogers

    Cathy, thank-you so much for sharing your story with us. You had an amazing opportunity with your book deal but can understand how you felt when you knew that you needed to be more transparent. Why was your Faith so strong was the question that caused you grief. Sometimes we have to dig deep, be humble and more transparent in life in order to encourage others and you made the decision along with Carl to do just that and to share! I’m so glad you shared this and also VERY encouraged after reading your book. One thing after another helped you to deepen your Faith and those experiences were not just for you, but for others to be encouraged as well, including myself. I look forward to sharing your story, your book and can’t wait to see the movie. Thanks again, Gary.


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