Carol Strang
God brought in That season

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Lost A Job Again, Fear is Proven Again in Life

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God brought in that season to me, awareness, fellowship, and much healing. I now have a good self-esteem and low anxiety.
I am not afraid to try new things.
I forgive those who might wrong me.
I know that I’m created special.


  1. Barbara Joy Hansen

    Carol’s testimony is an inspiring one that can help lift other’s out of anxiety & trust God that He can change any circumstance! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Staci Diffendaffer

    Thank you for vulnerably sharing your journey and transformation. I’m so encouraged by your story and will definitely be looking into the information you provided!

  3. Jodi La Belle

    Today it seems that the veil is being lifted and more people are able to talk about whom, themselves. Finding ourselves is a very important revelation, and finding that God who lives within all of us. Having a personal relationship with God, makes everyday a holiday. Thank you, Carol for sharing your story. “ Another Life Worthwhile, “ Jodi LaBelle

  4. Carol Strang

    In reply to Jodi La Belle.
    You are so welcome. It is truly an honor to share my story. It’s a divine appointment that God allowed me to discover Gary’s website!

    In reply to Staci Diffendaffer.
    Staci, I am so glad my story has encouraged you. Blessings on your journey. With God All things are Possible.

    In reply to Barbara Joy Hansen.
    I am so glad my story gives hope. Jesus is our Hope. Bless you Barbara


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