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Journey Of Finding Confidence

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Amazing Results Happen When a Coach Says No

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Brian shares his story of not giving up in football even though he was doubted most of his years in College.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Brian, you are a great guy! You’ve always been nice to others and fun to be around. I believe you’ve always had good intentions with everything you did back when we played and I sympathize with you as I read this story! I wish I could have been a mentor during this time in your life as you were dealing with two very big challenges: school and football! You had the unique size and skills in football to be a tight end but too bad that coaches figured that out your Senior Year! I know you did your best so that’s what counts and you can feel good about that. As far as education….thanks for sharing. It’s so important to not just go through the motions of getting a degree but actually focusing on school and the future that higher learning can take you. I had a similar story as well in college. Thanks for being vulnerable and wanting to share your story with others. Your living and learning the “hard way” is going to be used to encourage others! I can’t wait to share!


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