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Big Time Again is A Parents’ Advice to Their Kid

Family, Gen Y, Humility, Life Stories, Sports

This story talks about Brett not wanting to have any regrets after finishing High-School.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Brett, it has been great getting to know you better. First off, I wanted to say that in your profile pic that you did get that interception against WLC(Wisconsin Lutheran College) and not only did it save the touchdown, but also won the game! Great job. I really appreciated your story by the way. From listening to your parents in high-school(most of us don’t), all the way to making an uncomfortable decision to move to Chicago(especially since you’re from Wisconsin). Both those moves were very mature and obviously led to great things but what really touched me was your advice to others. Don’t quit! After hearing you talk about this very simple concept really has encouraged me too. I’m also glad you made the move to NCSA so you can continue using your wisdom in athletics and desire to help others like you’re doing here. Thanks again for your humility and transparency to want to help others who might need to be encouraged through your story. You’ve encouraged at least 1 so far. Thanks again.


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