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Not the Best Grades, Winning in Sports, Depression & Faith

Faith, Gen Y, Identity, Life Stories, Sports

Though depression shows up in Bo’s life, his relationship with the Lord was stronger.


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  1. Ryan Kienstra

    Great idea: “…do it to the best of your ability, because there’s only a finite amount of time that you can do that.”

    Also, great point about getting what you need, not always what you want.

  2. Peggy Bodde

    I completely understand the tough seasons with sports, for me at the college level. Really appreciate what you said about “finite time to compete.” I miss my running days! I love how God is faithful to teach us and help us in our careers and others areas of gifting. It’s wonderful, Bo, that you’re now working for a Christian organization. God does answer prayer, even when we don’t know what to ask. Thank you for sharing your testimony and advice!

  3. Jodi La Belle

    I think Bo when God opens the door , it might not be the door that we wanted, or thought we wanted, but it was the one that God had planned. Being grateful that his plans are so much better than ours. Sharing our joy with others, just might help them.


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