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Amazing Hope for a Proven Believer or those in the Middle

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In Billy’s story, he shares about living life in the “middle” of the good and bad and what kind of results those yielded.


  1. Gary Rogers

    Billy, I’ve known you for over 30 years and I totally understand all the things you share, not just because of our friendship, but also because I’ve been in the “middle” or some say “riding the fence” as well in my life. I recommend others really digging into what you have to say because you’ve experienced many highs that others might fantasize about like making your first $million dollars, buying planes, running successful businesses and how if we aren’t careful, good things can lead us to bad places, especially while being in the “middle.” Though your story doesn’t share anything about you as a Collegiate basketball player, I had a thought in regards to being an athlete and playing in the “middle” and what kind of result that brings. Being an athlete and playing in the “middle” to me means that sometimes you work out and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you listen to the coach and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you do the right thing and then sometimes you do the wrong thing. All these choices are purposeful and not because you are just ignorant or just don’t know better. With this scenario of an athlete playing in the “middle,” do you think this athlete has much hope for being a success? The question is rhetorical by the way! Billy, thanks for sharing your heart and for being vulnerable to share some of your past as well as encouraging others to not live and learn the hard way like you but to get out of the “middle” and to put God first and obey! I think when you do those things, you too will have a look like you do with the picture you sent to me; a picture when you finally got out of the “middle” and had your eyes opened to see the results when Godly choices were being made!

  2. Blake Southerland

    Dad! I can’t explain how much you mean to me. You’re are an amazing role model, leader, son, brother, uncle, friend, and so much more. Not to mention the best dad I could ask for! I’m so thankful for you and all you’ve done for me… one of those things being introducing me to G and therefore check your game! You both have impacted my life greatly. Thank you so much for sharing your story here. I love you!


  3. Suzanne Southerland

    Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your heart. I am so thankful for the gifts the Lord has given you and how you are using them for His glory and our good. The Lord has blessed our family beyond measure through all the ups and downs. I’m thankful to be on this adventure called “life” together and I’m grateful you are at the helm.

  4. Jean Rogers

    This is Jean Rogers… Gary’s mom. As many of you all know, Gary is our second of the four Rogers boys .

    I am proud of you Gary for following your heart and God’s lead with Check Your Game. You are doing a great job with writing and recording many amazing and inspiring testimonies and life stories.

    I loved listening to Billy Southerland’s interview. So amazing to hear both Gary and Billy playfully communicate with one another.

    We’ve known Billy for a long time now starting back with the Young Life days.
    So many good and fun memories.

    Billy we loved having you be apart of our family. You have inspired many young people including our Rogers family of boys in those early years.

    I want to thank you for being transparent with your life journey experiences in Gary’s interview. I do appreciate your being volunerable as you shared about what God is teaching you at this time.

    I’m proud of you Billy. I see God at work . Blessings to you and your precious family.
    Love you! Jean

  5. Barb

    Well done, Billy! Definitely a message of hope, persistence, and steadfast love.

  6. Kim Southerland

    What a great testimony of Gods love! I loved the fact that Billy didn’t give advice without saying he could without God being a part of it! You both have great passion in what your saying and I are genuine which makes people feel comfortable!!!

  7. CC

    So encouraged by this!! I loved when you talked about how God never leaves us and is always with us!! I love the verse you shared,Philippians 1:6. What an intentional, thoughtful and loving God we serve! Thank you Jesus! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  8. Isidro Risma

    Powerful and inspiring stories from both of you!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Steven McGrinder

    Thanks so much for sharing with us Billy and Gary… It is obvious the two of you have a history of love and respect for each other. Loved the laughter and rapport… What a great LISTEN!

    I have gotten to you you Billy over much of the last quarter. You truly are one of the most authentic and real beings I’ve ever met.

    It is clear in everything you do and everything you say that God is number one in your life. You are living proof that faith in God and Surrender isn’t about protecting yourself from the despair of personal tragedy or from daily errors or discomforts. Having Faith is about being immersed in his love such that you trust when “shit” happens he will help you find the strength to rise and face your challenges.

    God loves you enough that he knows not to protect you from pain, but to allow you to embrace all that is and face your mountain climb to the peak, knowing that each peak is just the beginning of the next mountain, the next challenge.

    I cherish your time and your wisdom Billy and look forward to learning from you as I step forward in my faith and surrender to God. Amen Brother

  10. Mark Lawrence

    I really enjoyed the video post of Billy Southerland.I have known Billy for 35 years, and truly treasure his friendship! I have three sisters, and they are amazing to me. But Billy is a brother to me in the game of life, not only a true brother, but a spiritual brother. His love for Jesus is very real, and evident in his life. You see it in his relationships with others. He challenges me to love God first, which I very much appreciate. It is not complicated what God has asked us to do. We need to repent of our sins, love God, and love others. Love God with all of your heart, mind, and soul and love your neighbor. This combination will give you amazing peace and joy. Billy is also the funniest guy I have ever met on earth. He can make me laugh more than any other person I have ever known. And we have so many sports memories over the years as well. Thanks for sharing buddy and thanks for your friendship over these many many years that could only happen from blessings from God! May God bless you and your family! Mark Lawrence

  11. Liz

    Chilly Willy !! Thank you so much for sharing your story . It is so inspirational but also convicting. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you story to encourage others !!

  12. Kristin Nelson

    Thank you so much for sharing Billy! Thank you also for providing an environment where the expectation is to be servant leaders! In the 8 years that I have been with IronRoad, I have learned so much about self awareness due to the constant reminder of “checking your game!” Thank you Billy and Gary for always encouraging spiritual growth and setting the example by putting others before yourself!!!!

  13. Romell Shorter

    To my brother Big Bill the real deal, who is a man who you can depend on in any situation and with no questions asked if you need him he is on his way. He is the type of man that if he is ever in a fight with a bear, help the bear because he doesn’t need any help. Love you for life, your brother Romell. Talk to you soon.

  14. Jim Driller

    I Love this!!! It’s amazing to see you walk out your leadership with sports and now in your business life. When you walk into lobby of his office, it has the saying on the wall,”We believe the measure of a leader is deemed by their willingness to serve.” I believe being involved with sports develops a team first approach that transfer into every day life and can last a lifetime. Your generosity is beyond measure, Billy has never met a stranger! One of his best quotes is “ Your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness!”
    When you have been blessed with talents that make you stand out, make sure you take the team approach rather than the “I” approach! Billy and I will both promise you that it will take you further in life when you serve others.

  15. Jessica Cortez

    Hi Billy and Gary!

    Thank you so much for sharing, I learned so much from your story and what a great feeling to move from ambiguity and conflict to peace and clarity. To build on the idea once you crack that door for the enemy and of the escalator and the process being a slow fade is to recognize the dualistic nature of your thoughts and realize willingness and faith go together. In other words, we can be faithful to but one faith system (either the ego or god). In context, willingness does not arise from conviction but brings conviction. Presented differently, what you have faith in, you will see. To speak of the evidence (e.g., “the check don’t cash”) is your own failure to be happy and the unhappiness of the world you would see. This idea had no ability to be more than what it was except for as one chose to participate in it. What you were looking for and eventually found was peace. And somewhere we know not, peace remains peace despite our wars, and happiness remains happiness despite our despair.

    To bring to light that love is a choice, not a feeling is a great reminder that we need to be cognizant of our feelings at all times and realize their source. Just like the weeds will take the garden if we do not tend to it, we need to cease listening to the voice of the ego (recognize no fear, no uncertainty or doubt) and replace loyalty with love (truth).

    On a lighter note…one thing I definitely could not see from the outside was my man “G’” and his favorite high-school song lol. This was super fun to learn. I love that song!


    Great video. Funny, but with deep thoughts. Two guys double checking their games and giving good tips on that.

  17. Dr. Katrina Esau

    I enjoyed listening to the interview. The humor and transparency was great. Your story and the way you share it has the ability to reach the unreachable and transform lives. Blessings! ~Dr. K

  18. Paula Hlovchiec

    Billy & Gary, I am so happy I was able to listen to you two. There aren’t enough words or maybe the right words to tell you how much I was moved by both of you in this video. Thank you & love you both!

    Paula H


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