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A Little Fish in a New and Big Pond

Gen X, Life Stories, Sports

Here is a story of an athlete that was a little fish in a big pond when he arrived at Vanderbilt University to play football but used his opportunity to learn life skills and be the best teammate.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Bernard, thanks for sharing your story. I too can relate with the love of baseball but scholarship in football! You just never know how things will work out but it sounds like you learned so much on the football field to help guide you in life. I understand oh so well about the humbling experience many of us face, especially going from High-School to College sports. The fact that you acknowledge you needed to work hard while you were a Red Shirt to better yourself on the field is a great Check Your Game moment. Your choice to step up and work hard not only affected you in a positive way but it also helped the team. It’s interesting how good choices and bad choices we make in life affect more than just ourselves! You could’ve just complained, gave up, not given your best or even quit like others but you stuck with it just like your motto at work to “Keep Chopping Wood.” That motto sounds like that’s the kind of thing we did in football where we were doing the same things over and over while working hard at those things each day. I love it Bernard. Lastly, your advice is great and wanted to reiterate what you said as well as what other athletes are saying, and that is for young kids playing sports to have fun. If a kid isn’t having fun, then they should find something else to do. It’s that simple. Thanks again Bernard for your transparency as well as humility to share a piece of your life during College. I’m sure there are others who will be encouraged by your story to be humble, work hard, listen to others and have fun even while they’re chopping wood! -Gary Rogers


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