Aurilla Wilson
Journey Of Running

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Farm Life to Mentorship in a New City Running Collegiately

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This story is how a friend and mentor played a huge role in a young woman’s life as she began a career in Cross Country/Track. She landed at the U of L in KY.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Aurilla, what a small world it is as I met you over 4 years ago in Balgonie when visiting at your old High-School and we’ve continued to stay in touch today. I feel fortunate to know you and also excited to share your story, especially to honor your coach, Steve Gersten. Steve sounds like a great man, mentor, coach and friend, and though I wish I could’ve experienced what he did for you in my own life when I was still playing sports, I feel though that I’m getting a taste of who he is through you (if that makes sense). After reading your story over and over, I’m first of all touched! I was waiting to finish the end and had hopes that your friend was still here with us, but learned otherwise. I’m very sorry about your loss! I’m touched though because throughout everything you share, you always bring up Steve. You give him the credit for believing in you, teaching you, encouraging and guiding you. The impact that Steve had on you is obviously huge and I just wanted to say great job in not only allowing this man to guide you, but also to celebrate all that he did for you. Thanks again for sharing these special moments in life and for your advice that centers around relationships! You never know how people will be able to touch our lives, but without taking a chance to get to know others, we only miss out! Lastly, I want you to know Aurilla that I am encouraged by Steve and will do the best I can to be more like him by helping to guide and to encourage others who need help. I can’t promise that I’ll know all the answers, but I can promise to help make connections to people that do! I wish you the best as you begin your journey out of Collegiate Sports and know you will do great in whatever path you choose.


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