Anna Farello
Journey Of Encouraging Others

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In an Amazing Way Seeking to Impact Others

Gen Y, Health, Life Stories, Sports

Anna shares how she is using all the things she’s experienced in athletics to make a difference in other kids’ lives through her continued education in grad school.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Anna, it was nice to hear from you, especially what you’re trying to do in grad school with young athletes. You are going to be making a big difference. I know. I hear it in your voice. It sounds like you’ve seen lots of bad results from athletes because of their poor choices and you want to do something about it. Many times we go through life just thinking about the “here and now” and don’t think about many important things that take place in our future, whether it be a job or even our mental and physical well being. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the work you’ll be doing and congrats on taking this step to help the younger generation as it’s needed desperately (just read the daily news). Thanks again.


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