Angela Borges
Journey Of Faith

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Looking Good has no Guarantee and Suicide is Disastrous

Anxiety, Depression, Faith, Gen Y, Health, Life Stories, Suicide

After years of trying to look good, feel good and be respected, she finally gave it over to Jesus, and was able to discover Peace.

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  1. Jean Rogers

    Angela, Thank you for sharing your story. May God use your life journey experience to help others. Continue on the path to trust Jesus with the Bible as your guide. God has a beautiful plan for your life.
    Blessings to you my friend.

    • Angela Borges

      Yes! Thank you so much for watching my story. I definitely intend to continue following Jesus and his living word!!

  2. Peggy Bodde

    Angela! What an incredible woman you are. Beautiful, talented, and genuine. Wow. Thank you for sharing your story. I know God has great things in store for you.

    • Angela Borges

      Thank you so much for your kind words!! I appreciate you!

  3. Billy Southe

    Angela!!! “I’m doooooonnnne!!! I’m donnnnnneeeee!”

    Love this story, thankful for you and for what God has planned in your life!! so inspiring. Stay the course baby!!!!!!

  4. Angela Borges

    Thank you so much Billy!! I appreciate
    Your comment and I am so happy to be apart of the Bible study group!

  5. Gary Rogers

    Thanks so much Angela for sharing your story with us at Check Your Game. I’m thankful for our new friendship and will always be here to help when I can. I’m also honored that your story can be a resource for others who are dealing with topics like depression, not feeling good enough or suicide! I’m more thankful that we both share that God is the solution! Thanks again

  6. Scott White

    We fill up that lonely hole in our soul with so many things, (I tried a few)

    What an inspiring story, and a valuable mission, helping nonprofits find the funding that they need.
    (as someone who ran a nonprofit I know the vital service you are providing)

    I loved what you said that “I tried it Angela’s way, let’s try it God’s way”
    Isn’t He good that he honors such a desperate cry?

    Praise God you found the one who satisfies

    Bless you sister!


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