Amanda (Smith) Melnick
Journey Of Life After Sport

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From College Athletics to a New and Miserable Life

Anxiety, Depression, Gen Y, Health, Life Stories, Sports

In Amanda’s story, she talks about the transition from a collegiate athlete to the real world and how she found herself in a place of needing some big changes.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Amanda thank you so much for what you wrote. Even though we participated in different sports, our stories are very similar and I can really empathize with you. You turned into “Amanda the swimmer” as I was becoming “Gary the football player!” It also sounds as if you even hit a “Rock Bottom” in life. I’m so sorry to hear that but I’m really excited that there is a great ending as you finally woke up! This time at age 27 sounds as if it was your Check Your Game moment in life. You examined yourself or as you said, “looked in the mirror.” That wasn’t easy to leave Ohio and probably bad influences and easy opportunities to continue your bad choices It also wasn’t easy to stop drinking for a year. Great job in doing both of these things in order to get your life back on track. You obviously were able to see more clearly and by the looks of your picture as well as reading your story(happy looking couple), the results turned out good! Thanks again for your transparency and humility to share a about a rough time in your life. I know your story will be encouraging as well as giving hope to others.


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