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Team is a Powerful Concept in Sport & Life

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This story is about being selfish in a team sport. This isn’t an easy story to read if you can relate, but there’s a great result that can happen for you too!


  1. Gary Rogers

    Thanks Allison for your humility and willingness to open yourself up in this forum. I think a lot of times, athlete’s think about ourselves more than our team but it’s rare when an athlete like yourself is willing to accept feedback like you did from your coach and want to change. Great job listening to your coach and I bet you would say it was well worth being humbled only to get to a much better place. Thanks for sharing. That is truly what Check Your Game is about!

  2. Sara+Im

    Thank you for being transparent and humble to share your story. I appreciate your sharing to give us a vivid example that if we want to grow personally or professionally, we weed to be open minded to hear an honest, constructive evaluation from a trusted source. Blessings.


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