Abby Williams
Journey Of Contribution

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Leadership is Impactful in a New Role with any Team

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Abby’s shares how she had always been an understated player but she used that situation to work hard and find other ways to contribute to her team like leadership.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Abby, as I listened to you tell your story, it sounded so similar to what many athletes experience when they go to the next level. Whether or not someone is entering the 9th grade or if it’s their first year playing a college sport, both those groups of athletes get a wake up call pretty quick! I’m sure there were many frustrating moments during your time in college and I’m glad that you figured out how to take your situation and turn it into a positive one. When you understood you needed to get better, you asked the coach and worked hard in those areas. When you realized you would never be the MVP on the team (other than the Colorado State weekend), you then took it upon yourself to be the best teammate. You became a leader with your team as you encouraged, helped and tried to make a difference with your teammates both on and off the court. I can tell you this, the fact that you became this leader on your team I know that you were able to affect more people than if you simply were the MVP and just thought about your own needs. This is what Check Your Game is all about in sports and in life. You acknowledged areas in your life that needed attention and you took action. Thanks again for sharing your story and I know you’ll be an encouragement to others and that includes myself.


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