Norm Fong
Journey Of An Equipment Manager

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My heart was in Athletics but I sacrificed my Health

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In Norm’s story, he shares about many stories during his long career as an Equipment Manager, but it’s when he had to make changes in his diet that was important for his family and for life itself that really mattered most.


  1. Gary Rogers

    Norm, Equipment Managers are always the favorites amongst athletes and you were no exception! I’m honored to have gotten to know you over the years and want to say congratulations with your career and serving others. Sports teams have so many components to it that many don’t see and you were a part of that whole thing. Like you said, you had to get there early and be the last to leave as you took care of all of us players and coaches. You did so much and I’m not sure if I’ve thanked you for your help. I am thankful for your friendship and work while you were always there to help out whether it be fixing a helmet, sewing a jersey up or helping us figure out which shoes to wear (1997 Grey Cup in Edmonton/ice field)! Thanks also for sharing your story with us about your unhealthy eating habits and how that turned into Diabetes. A lot of times it might be too late to take care of ourselves physically but you were fortunate to have a wife who started packing your lunch so you could be more healthy! Like you said to me, it’s never too late for those who might be dealing with a similar situation as you or dealing with really anything else in life! It’s never too late! Thanks again Norm and I look forward to seeing you in Regina soon! Gary Rogers

  2. Julie Burgess

    Thank you Norm for sharing your story. I read it with great interest because it is fun to see how friends from ” a long time ago” are doing. We loved you then and still now for how you gave your all for everyone always! Little did we know that it came with such sacrifices and a price but I was thankful to read that you have been able to address your health before it was too late. Self-care is so important… I am learning to practice this more for myself and I focus on this also in my wellness classes that I facilitate. You can not pour from an empty cup! And as we all seek to live our best life, we must be mindful of finding balance. Tom and I wish you the best always Norm and thank you for sharing your story…. you will continue to impact people to live better by being a wonderful example. Julie Burgess

  3. Shirley Evans (Zaharik)

    From one Balfourite to another I am so proud of what you have accomplished .. work wise and health wise. I wish you nothing but the best in the future for you and your family. I want to thank you for all those years of taking care of “our” team; you are THE BOMB!

  4. Blair Thompson

    Normie, you are a legend in Regina! Aside from the time you spent with the Roughriders, your entire life was dedicated to the athletes of Regina. You worked countless years with teams in Junior Football and Junior Hockey as well as professional hockey.
    Each year you would come out to the provincial coaches clinic and provide information on the proper handling and fitting of equipment, as many of the coaches had the added responsibility of being the equipment managers for their teams.
    You never forgot where you came from and you were always giving back to the community.
    Thank you for everything you did!


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