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Are You Proven in How You Respond to the Situation

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In this story, Kenny shares about changes in the coaching staff, getting injured and how to become the best you through it all.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Kenny, you have some really wise comments in your story. I’m so thankful for you to share and to be transparent. I can understand how you were feeling as you talked injury, changing positions and poor coaching decisions. Life isn’t easy at all and as a collegiate athlete, or at any level, there are so many different pressures that make it really tough on a young man or young woman in sports. I remember you being a great athlete and runner and it sure does stink when all of a sudden, coaches change your position and there’s an injury to top it off so you can’t use your strengths like you wanted to. I feel sad thinking about how you were feeling over 20 or so years ago but I also am excited because a similar story might be happening right now with another young athlete and your story will show them a few things: 1) that they aren’t the first to experience this sort of situation, 2) to not just lay down as you continued to work hard as well as tried to talk to the coach about your situation, and 3) you learned a lot during this time about hard work, knowing who you were as a person and allowed the situation to give you wisdom about life even though as you said, ‘it tastes nasty!’ I wish I could’ve been a coach when you were dealing with this so I could have encouraged you to know that even though you may not have liked what was going on, I would have told you that you are giving your best! You were always a good guy, worked hard in your sports, made a great choice in communicating to the Head Coach, were amazing in your studies (Highest GPA among football players) and you never gave up! I learned much later in life that the goal as an athlete isn’t necessarily to be the starter, have the best game and then go on to win but I learned that the goal should just be, to do one’s best! In order to do one’s best, I then realized I needed to continue to be in shape, lift weights, listen to coaches, run to the whistle, watch film and other football related things, but I also realized that there was much more! In order to give my very best, I realized that I needed to give my best not just in football but outside of football. Those areas included my relationships with others, my education, peer pressure related and family to name a few. I wasn’t doing good Kenny in these areas while in College and I could never feel complete satisfaction even if I had a great game and if we won! Kenny, I just wanted you to know that I believe you did the very best you could with the things that you knew back then. Yeah, we can look back like we’re doing in order to encourage others, but, I wanted you to know that I believe you did your best! I’ll ask you this final questions. If you think you did your best with what you knew at the time in College while playing football, can you hold your head up high today? I think there are so many of us that want the shiny on the outside but really what we desire is to shine on the inside and Kenny as I write this and see you running in your picture, what comes to mind right now is that I believe you are shining on the inside like the GOLD I see on the outside of your uniform and that’s really what is important! And if I’m wrong about shining on the inside Kenny, then let’s talk. The game isn’t over yet for either one of us!


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