Jessica Milo
Journey Of A Sister

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In A Powerful Story of a Sister’s Love, a Smile Results

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In Jessica’s story, she shares how she gave up living the life of a young girl to humbly and lovingly help with her sister that needed the attention around the clock.
This story is one of Faith and Love but also one that gave motivation for Jessica to want to help others dealing with a similar situation in a Memoir she just wrote a Summer ago.


  1. Gary Rogers

    Jessica, WOW! That is not an easy thing you did, especially as you were giving up so many things during your teenage years to be helping your sister and family. Even though you may have lost out on some memories that most young people have, I know they don’t compare to the memories that you gained with your loved ones and especially your sister! As I get older, I realize how much family means. In fact, when I was around your age, I really didn’t appreciate the times with my family as much. This story is a reminder for many things and appreciating not only health but also the relationships we have with our family. Thanks so much for sharing Jessica and I hope to be able to share your memoir with others someday on this platform. And lastly, you knew you had a sister with more needs than the average family member. Instead of thinking about yourself and going about your business as a young girl, you made the decision to help her as well as your family and that’s what Check”ing” Your Game is all about……….and, you seem to go through life with a smile! I guess that’s why you’re called SMILO! Thanks again! Gary Rogers

  2. Bernadette Damron

    I am so proud of you and love you so much for all you did for your sister my heart is bursting and my tears are falling. God will Bless you over and over. Our Sweet Angel in Heaven ( Victoria ) will be with you always. Love Nana Bernadette XO

  3. Denise Obermeyer

    Jessica, we met several months ago, and I was so surprised on how honest, sweet, dedicated, kind, and your loving heart of “will” to do things…that made me think: WOW? How did I find a friend like her ? ***Not until, you told me your story did I know of the things you gave up and sacrificed to help your family grow. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for you at times, but always know that what you did for your family and sister has changed your heart in many ways. You are a natural giver, a moral supporter, a team builder, and a loving care taker. All of these qualities represent the image of you. Your beauty is beyond appearances. You laughter is beyond measurement. And your willing to help and see people happy are beyond the gift of giving. I’m more than positive, if your sister could see you now, she would say: “That Jess is one of a kind, she’s the BEST SISTER anyone could ask for !!!”
    I love you Jessica with all of my heart.


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