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In Eric’s story, he shares about how he went through life as a football player and business owner always striving to be the very best he could but he was missing something important; listening to his Wife for much needed advice!


  1. Gary Rogers

    Hey Eric, thank-you so much first of all for sharing a little bit of your story. I can remember you vividly in my head wearing our black practice jerseys and white pants. Normally, the pants would fit pretty snug on a player but the picture in my mind of you was that those pants were dangling on your legs and you needed to fill them out a bit! So yes, I get it that you were pretty light and needed to work really hard at not getting pummeled! I feel your pain because when I first got to Vandy, I too was on the lighter side. It’s not easy entering the world at any level of Collegiate sports whether it be football, tennis, soccer, baseball or basketball! There is always an eye opening experience for those Freshman. You did work hard Eric and I can attest to that as well as never giving up as well! What is so important about your story though is that you took that same mentality on the football field and have been applying it in life! People wonder if sports teaches you life skills! Yes it does but then you have to apply them which you did. Okay, enough of the football talk and sports talk! This next part is equally important for others to hear. You now look back at your situation and realized how your wife who had been giving you a warning about your contract was right! It’s so hard many times to listen to others around us. You had to live and learn the hard way in regards to not listening to others, but I’m thankful that you realized it now and are able to encourage others who might be dealing with a similar situation in all areas of life! You are a good guy Eric and as I look back after interviewing many of my ex teammates, I’m saddened that I didn’t take the time to get to know you and others better, and that includes the non athletes! I guess we live and learn as we go forward. Thanks again for your time and sharing your story.

  2. June Jakes


    I remember a young man who worked very hard and was very smart except for an incident with fire and a concrete lion. You learned from that by the injuries and worked your butt off as a GA. This opened the coaching door that you walked through and made one heck of a coach.


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